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Monday, November 9, 2009

CBS/WBBM TV NEWS REPORTER Dave Savini has been hyping up this news story on his own facebook page for a while now

WBBM-TV Reporter Dave Savini is doing a special report on this police shooting.

I will try to briefly explain the facts.
Try to follow me on this one:

A suburban copper shoots and kills an alleged offender....

The suburban copper is the ex-husband of the woman that the alleged offender is now married to.

The suburban copper shoots this alleged offender 17 times in Chicago, so CPD handled this police shooting. CPD Clears the officer in this shooting.

Now I have no knowledge if this incident but notice how Savini never mentions that the person that this officer shot also was ARMED WITH A HANDGUN till the very end of this news story. And even though in the beginning of this report Savini states that the dead man was just hired as some kind of accountant, when it is finally mentioned that the dead man had a gun Savini claims the man had the gun because he worked security. But never said if he was licensed to carry a weapon or not.

The rest is explained in the news video... What a fricken mess....


Thanks to GirlCop5941 for this news story

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